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General Information About the Clothes of Electricians


For people who work as an electrician protection is more than a word. For this people protection could help them save their life. The government of the United States and different organizations such as Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are working very hard to provide safe working places for electricians and individuals.

If you work in this field you should know that your clothes must be fit tightly to avoid the danger of becoming entwined in moving machines. These people have to be used to wear a hard hat, safety shoes, use ear plugs, goggles and avoid using rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces because gold and silver are excellent conductors of electricity.  The sole of the work shoes must be oil and grease resistant. Rubber boots are used for wet locations. Also, if you have long hair, always keep your hair tied up and try to not stand close to any rotating machine.

Remember to remove the electrical power when the electrical equipment is inspected or repaired. The equipment must be locked out and tagged out to protect your life and the people who are around you. Maybe these words are common for electricians. However, it is important to review the meanings. Installing a lock is to prevent the power being turned on and tagging out is to put a danger tag on the source of electrical power which informs that the equipment or machine will not work until the danger tag is removed. This tag usually contains the name of the employee, craft and other necessary information.

Always remember to be careful and if you are not sure about something, look for help.

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