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Construction Equipment Operators: Full of Advantages

Working as a construction equipment operator may be a fascinating experience because it has all the qualities that are necessary to help you succeed. If you do not agree, just continue reading.

The schedule of a construction equipment operator is flexible due to the different shifts that are available. This is so because some projects have to be performed early in the morning or late at night, which confers you the opportunity to use the rest of the time for something else.

In addition, it is very common that these operators get trained at work and prepared by the supervision of a qualified operator. However, operating engineer apprenticeship programs are also available. Even though apprentices get a broader knowledge of the subject matter, experience gained at work may be crucial.

Mechanical aptitude is a rubric that employers take into account when hiring an individual because sometimes, maintenance has to be performed by the operator.

In May 2004, 449,000 jobs in the United States belonged to construction equipment operators. The best paid type of operators and the kind that comprised the biggest amount of jobs (382,000) were the Operating Engineers and other construction equipment operators. The second place was assigned to Paving, Surfacing and Tamping Equipment Operators with 63,000 jobs, and the last one were the pile-driver operators, which enclosed 4,400 jobs. Three out of five of them worked in the construction industry. Heavy construction, railroads, highways and bridges were some common places in which these operators worked. Less than 5% of all Construction Equipment Operators were self-employed.

Last year, an average operating engineer and other construction equipment operators earned about $17.00 hourly; however, median earnings varied between $13.39 and $23.00 per hour. The highest earnings went beyond $29.34 an hour. On the other hand, the average earning of paving, surfacing, and tamping equipment operators was of around $14.50 per hour. The median earnings ranged between $11.35 and almost $20.00. The best paid ones earned more than $26.50 hourly.

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