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Before Becoming a Carpenter…

If you are willing to become a carpenter, it would be significant that you take a look at the general environment in which a carpenter is going to be immersed.  This will help you have a clever idea of what being a carpenter, a definitely attractive occupation, involves. If you always like to be active, carpentry is ideal for you.  Usually, carpenters are not passive people, and like their jobs to have those needed spices called action and movement.

The demand for carpenters increases and will continue increasing due to the permanent need for new office and retail space, housing and for renovating and enlarging schools and industrial plants. Also, an important home remodeling will definitely provoke a wider demand of carpenters.  It is fundamental that carpenters have some particular skills such as eye-hand coordination, a good sense of balance, dexterity and physical fitness.

Many times, employers (basically those large nonresidential construction contractors) confer apprenticeships to their employees. The apprentices learn about carpentry jobs, form building, outside and inside finishing, layout and rough framing at a deep level, as well as the corresponding machines, tools, material and equipment.

Last year, 1.3 million jobs corresponded to carpenters due to the fact that they make up the largest construction trade occupation in the U.S. Of them, 1/3 worked in building construction, 1/3 were self-employed and a 1/5 were employed by special trade contractors. In general, their work and its versatility have been enhanced with all the new superior equipment, tools and techniques.

In 2004, the average per-hour earnings of a carpenter were around $17.  Median earnings may range between $13 and $22.62.  Nevertheless, the best paid carpenters earned more than $28.65.
Activeness, employment opportunities and the possibility of working on your own are enclosed in this nice occupation called Carpentry.  Go for it!

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