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Construction Equipment Operators: Functions and Types

Construction Equipment Operators do a fundamental work that sometimes is not taken into account when thinking about constructing. However, a construction could not even begin if they did not exist. This demonstrates the high-importance of what they do.

These operators are those in charge of cleaning and grading land in order to be able to construct roads, neighborhoods and buildings. For this matter, they use special machinery to move some materials and earth to places like mines and construction sites. They control this equipment by operating switches, moving foot pedals or levers and turning dials.

There are different types of Construction equipment operators. They encompass operating engineers; paving, tramping and surfacing equipment operators; and pile-driver operators, among other sorts. Of course, all of them deal with the corresponding machinery equipment. What the first kind of operators mentioned above does is control the loading and excavation machines provided with shovels and scoops that allow them to excavate in the land. All operators categorized as operating engineers are able to control any kind of construction equipment.

On the other hand, paving and surfacing equipment operators focus on spreading and leveling asphalt or spreading and smoothing concrete from different structures such as roadways. Asphalt paving machine operators are in charge of driving a machine that regulates the temperature and the flow of the asphalt. Concrete paving machine operators control a machine that removes attachments that vibrate and spread and level wet concrete within forms. Tamping equipment operators work with tamping machines designed to compact earth. Pile-driver operators operate machines that are special for hammering piles into the ground. These piles are used to support bridges, retain walls or build foundations.

Now that know about Construction Equipment Operators, what they do, their types and their tasks, do you consider it interesting and challenging?

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