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Construction and Building Inspectors: Their Job Itself!

Maybe you think that what Construction and Building Inspectors do is simple and not very complicated, but it encompasses lots of duties and tasks. In general, they are in charge of examining buildings, streets, dams, highways, sewer and water systems and many other structures. They make sure that everything, mainly construction, repair and alteration meets the corresponding terms of zoning regulations, building codes and contract specifications. They make continuous inspections when the very initial phase of construction through the project is fully completed.

Although there are numerous types of construction and building inspectors and each one of them provides particular features, all inspectors may use computers to store their data while making an inspection. In spite of the fact that inspections are first and foremost visual; metering devices, survey instruments and tape measures are also used. When they find out about any violation of ordinance or code they notify the construction contractor, supervisor or superintendent. In case that the dispute is not solved properly, inspectors are authorized to issue an order called the “stop-work”.

These inspectors work on their own most of the time, mainly because inspectors usually specialize in particular areas of building and construction. Even though they invest much time in worksites, they also spend significant time in an office checking and continuing to work. Even when their tasks and duties are not thought to be hazardous, while staying at the construction site they wear hardhats and other safety stuff in order to comply with the safety requirements of the place.

In May 2004, the average earning of a construction and building inspector was of about $43,670 per year. Those who were paid the highest earned more than $67,380 a year.

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