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Construction Managers: Building a Good Future


Last year, around 431,000 jobs were assigned to construction managers. Almost 50% of them were self-employed, almost all of the rest were employed by construction companies and a few were employed by local governments and/or engineering or architectural services.

It doesn't matter whether they are self-employed or salaried. For both, earnings may vary depending on numerous key factors such as the geographic location, the economic situation and the nature and size of the project. Nevertheless, several salaried construction managers receive advantageous profits such as company vehicles and bonuses.

In May 2004, the median annual earning of construction managers was of approximately $69,870. The best paid ones earned more than $126,330 and the lowest paid ones earned less than $42,120. According to a survey made in July of 2005, by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, applicants who boast a bachelor degree in construction science or management were offered around $43,000 per year.

It is estimated that wonderful employment possibilities are going to develop through 2014. Everybody knows the fact that construction levels are increasing rapidly along with the demand for workers that make those structures a reality. Last year, construction managers employed in the industry of building equipment earned $72,560. Likewise, they earned $71,700 in nonresidential building construction, $68,110 in other specialty trade contractors, $67,190 in residential building construction and $64,250 in foundation, structure, and building exteriors. Now you have a wider perspective of the average earnings you can expect if you choose to work as a construction manager.

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