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The Work of Brickmasons, Blockmasons and Stonemasons!

The tasks of brickmasons, blockmasons and stonemasons are circumscribed to almost the same trades. They are responsible for creating not only nice, but also resistant structures and surfaces. Brickmasons and blockmasons, which are commonly called bricklayers, do things like building and repairing floors, fireplaces, walls, chimneys and other brick-made structures. On the other hand, stonemasons erect stone walls and build stone floors and exteriors. They frequently deal with nonresidential construction. Stonemasons mainly use two types of stones. The first types are natural cut stones, for instance, granite and marble, and the other types that they use are artificial stones, which are made of concrete and marble chips, among other materials.

This means that stonemasons cope with fine materials and artistic work. They are also in charge of improving the beauty of brickworks due to the fact that at times, they are in charge of using their creativity in some special works; for instance, building brick arches, among many others.

The most common tools that masons use to cut stone are a special hammer and a chisel. Sometimes, brickmasons and stonemasons try to repair cracks and restore or change damaged masonry pieces in floors and walls.

Refractory Masons are a particular kind of brickmasons. They install firebrick and refractory tiles in high temperature boilers, furnaces, ladles, and soaking pits. These masons usually work in steel mills.

Most of the time, brickmasons, blockmasons and stonemasons work outdoors. For this matter, proper safety equipment is implemented and safety rules and standards are followed. As you can see, working as a brickmason, blockmason or stonemason is not only interesting and creative but also fundamental for every single construction.

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