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Warehouse Clerks: A Job for All Ages


Warehouse Clerks are responsible for, among other duties, keeping records of orders and stocks in warehouses and delivering orders. They are in permanent contact with customers and suppliers and deal with them personally as well as on the phone. For that reason, they must have good communication skills and be able to use the phone and the two-way radio. It is essential for them to be good counting, measuring and calculating commercial and financial figure work. Warehouse clerks must be tidy and organized to deal with all the paperwork (letters, records, forms, receipts) that they have to work with.


Warehouse Clerks must be willing to work either in a warehouse or an office because depending on the company they will work for, they can be given an office or spend most of the time in a warehouse. As mentioned above, their main task is to keep a record of the stock, including an accurate log of the amounts and types of goods stored. They also deliver orders and prepare invoices. When there are new acquisitions, the clerk is in charge of selecting a place to store them. They usually take advantage of computers to store all the information that they need to have. Warehouse clerks may be helped by assistants who load, unload and store the goods.


Besides being organized, clerks must be able to follow and understand safety procedures and keep the workplace free of danger. This field offers many good opportunities. You can begin at a young age, earning the minimum wage. Then, as you gain experience, you can be given more responsibilities and therefore, more money. Also, there are no limitations in terms of age; in fact, it is common for mature people to start working as warehouse clerks. Sometimes, companies prefer them because they do not need formal training, they are already experienced. If you become a clerk, you will have to work approximately 40 hours a week. It is a challenging and rewarding occupation, you would not regret being one of them.

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