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Conservation, Forest and Logging Workers

Even though conservation, forest and logging workers have to perform different tasks, the main objective of their job is to manage and harvest the forests and woodlands. Conservation and forest workers are responsible for protecting and maintaining the forests. They plant seedlings, fight insects and diseases that can damage trees and help control the erosion. On the other hand, logging workers harvest thousands of acres of trees for timber that will be used as raw material in the construction of houses and buildings. Conservation and forest workers are also responsible for preserving timberlands and forest facilities.

These occupations require physical strength since they are very demanding. Most of the time, you will be working outdoors in isolated areas facing difficult weather conditions. They usually have to face hazardous situations, especially when there are strong winds. They have to wear special equipment such as boots, safety clothing and ear and eye protection. They frequently learn everything they should know from their daily work. Nevertheless, some associations offer training programs to help them familiarize with the equipment or machinery when it is required. Other training programs focus on security measures to follow while working in the forest. Training is very common in almost all States but no formal education is required to perform in this field. Also, some colleges and vocational schools offer two-year programs to get a degree in conservation, forest harvesting, forestry or wildlife management.

According to the United States Department of Labor a large number of foresters and loggers (almost 45%) work with the government. Nevertheless, many conservation and logging workers are employed in private companies. There, they can perform in forest nurseries, tree farms or for contractors that give service to the agriculture industry. Generally, the demand for this type of worker relies on the season, yet it varies depending on the regions or states. The earnings may differ due to the different tasks that they have to carry out. While logging workers can make in average $15 per hour, forest and conservation workers may earn $10 per hour. However, if you have no experience you may start earning the minimum wage. Thus, if you like adventure and you are committed with conservation; do not lose the opportunity to work in this field.

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