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Think Big, Watch Small


Contractors are usually more worried about where and in what conditions are the large pieces of equipment than the small tools such as reciprocating saws or power drills. Overseen these small items may prove expensive, as the costs of losing these tools can quickly add up. And the more equipment a company possesses, the more threatening the possible losses.

Most contractors try to lessen or prevent replacement expenses by acquiring low-cost tools, but this approach slows down productivity when these cheap products work poorly or stop working altogether. In order to solve this problem, what you have to do is to keep better track of the small pieces of equipment.

Technology can significantly lend you a hand to get a better handle on this situation. For instance, electronic bar-code technologies label, track, coordinate and catalog small tools easily, efficiently, and in real time. These systems are normally composed of three parts: bar codes, scanners, and tracking software. Each piece of equipment is assigned a unique bar code displayed on polyurethane labels specially made to sustain constant on-the-job deterioration. The project or equipment managers can carry handheld scanners to check the bars codes at the time of the supply and the return of the tools. Computer software tracks the equipment through a database that you can also use for other purposes such as browsing, billing and running reports. Additionally, the application can also record maintenance schedules and repair history.

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