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Military Veterans: Incredible Job Benefits for You in the Automotive Industry!


Recent military veterans who manage knowledge and experience in vehicle maintenance, are very good candidates to develop a career in the automotive industry. Being in the departments of motor vehicle maintenance while in the military provides individuals with competitive high-tech knowledge, problem-solving skills and the professionalism expected from a top class worker. Besides, the experience and discipline from military can put the person on the fast track in the road to success.

Automotive industry offers great chances for advance and recognition to military veterans. Moreover, besides the regular benefits they give (high payments, job security, comfortable working environment, health insurance and retirement plans), automotive companies have specific benefits for veterans. Those military veterans who retired within the past ten years have the option to enter the Department of Veterans Affairs educational benefits. In here, they can get reimbursement for the ASE licensing and certification tests’ cost. A previous analysis of their experience will be done for credit towards the requirements for technician certification.

Military Veterans are the only ones eligible to get benefits from the OJT (On the Job Training) Program. This program allows veterans to use G.I Bill education and training benefits. It means that while you are being trained for a new job, you can receive monthly benefits in addition to the salary. In other words, you can receive approximately $252.45 cash, tax-free, on top on the regular salary. To qualify, the person must accept to be supervised 50% of the time, must be a full-time employee, must undergo a documented training, recently hired (within one to two years), and the training must last a minimum of six months.

A valid driver’s license, good driving record with no DUIs and a drug-free test are the basic requirements to apply for any position. Usually, companies also run a background check and drug screenings to every worker, just for the safety of the quality of the company. Therefore, if you are a military veteran with automotive experience, just go and apply for a position in any company, you won’t regret it!

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