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Find Out More About Automotive Youth Educational System (AYES)!!!


In recent years there has been an increasing shortage of good and capable automotive technicians. According to some researches, this situation will keep on continuing. Therefore, people who enter the automotive industry will know for sure that they will have job security. As long as there are vehicles that need to be fixed, there will be positions for automotive technicians. Therefore, this is a good time to become a specialist on automotive attention. AYES (Automotive Youth Educational Systems) will provide students with the right tools and programs to operate effectively within this field.

AYES certificate is a partnership that is carefully designed between the schools and the dealerships of the local area that the person belongs to. It is responsible for providing students with the basic classroom knowledge and with the practical OTJ (on the job) trainings in a dealership. Becoming an AYES student means not only that he/she will carry on with the academic needs required but also that numerous hours will be spend on the automotive technology laboratory. In here, students will learn all the scientific concepts that are necessary to support the nowadays sophisticated auto systems. Also, they will acquire basic hand-on skills such as shop safety and the proper use of hand tools and large-scale repair/diagnostic equipment.

AYES students will acquire a resume that includes actual OTJ experience and participating on dealerships. The paid experiences will take place after school, on a part-time basis and full time during summer between junior and senior years. Once students graduate from high school they will be fully prepared with the academic and technical skills needed to enter a job as a full-time entry-level technician. Moreover, they can also choose to pursue further academic studies in any technological field.

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