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Car Salespersons: Look Out For An Opportunity For You!!!


Working in the automotive industry is not only about fixing or repairing cars. There are people who like the automotive business but do not have on hand-skills or sophisticated knowledge about mechanics or engines. That is why working as a car salesperson represents a great opportunity for those people.

Car salespeople do need to have a genuine interest in the product that they are offering. For this purpose, they must possess an outgoing personality. Dealing with people requires sympathy, self-confidence, persuasion and enthusiasm, which translates into a smart personality. A car salesperson must be really polite in order to reflect a professional approach, demonstrating that he/she owns an excellent sense of business. The salesperson must be able to work without supervision. Moreover, he/she must manage excellent skills to negotiate prices and means to please the client without losing much on the transaction.

Salesmen/women will usually need to work on a 40 hour basis per week, on a schedule from 8am to 6pm. In most cases, they will have to work extra hours during the evening. Some of this time is spent outdoors, as when they must take clients out for test-drives. The requirements to work as a salesman include at least GCSEs (A-C)/S grades in math and English. Sometimes they are required to have previous sales experience. Some other times, employers focus their attention on the ability to persuade people and close a sale. A full and clean driving license is always a must.

There are companies who offer trainings under the supervision of an experienced salesperson. Those trainings teach how to conduct sales, design sales plans and appraise used vehicles. There are places like the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) which provide important qualifications such as certificates and diplomas in Vehicle Sales and in Automotive Retail Management. Also, some car manufacturers provide short courses for salespeople. In those, sales employers are taught on brand new ways to improve selling techniques, update on mechanical and electronic advances and to introduce new models or features of cars.

Annual incomes for new entrants are surrounding $17,000 per year. An experienced salesperson can earn approximately $26,000 plus commissions and bonuses. Sales jobs have always equaled good incomes. If you feel attracted by cars and sales, do not hesitate to apply for a position in the automotive industry.

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