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Fixing Whistling Water Pipes and Spotting Water Damage


You may know if you are dealing with a "water hammer" problem if you see water running into your house and making particular sounds such as “bang”, a machine gun or a whisper. That means an unexpected modification of the pressure in pipes caused when a tap or a regulator closes rapidly, or when it is not working. It occurs, most of the time, when a faucet is twisted on, and the pressure which is initiated in the water line is discharged. When it is twisted off, water movement stops. The water does not compress very easily. That makes a shock wave, which travels back up to hit a tee or elbow, making a vibration in the pipe like if you hit it with a hammer. This process damages tubes and unions. A solution to this is to isolate the source. Begin with the tap and check the sinks and showers; one at a time, unlock pats and see if it sings. The problem must be a faulty washer, so just change it. Every five years, the washer must be changed.


When the water is spotting, there are many indicators that show as the water stains. It may appear in the region of the window, in the base of the exterior doors which indicates the water that comes from outside, in unions like the ceiling or an outside wall, along the ceiling, in the cupboard, cast or in mold stains. A structural sign occurs when little hills or valleys begin to appear in the floor. To solve this problem, first seek the source of the water.  Then close it. If you do not found it look for professional help.

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