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Water System Supply: Installation and Reparation


When you are going to install a water system supply, you must know some of the most frequent mistakes people make. Some people ignore or violate the restriction codes, utilize small supply pipes, thump copper pipes when the sweated fittings are hot, create hazard fires by leaving smoldering materials after sweating fittings, connect a copper to galvanized without using a dielectric or a brass fitting. Sometimes, they do not use any Teflon tape on the pipe joints or move pipes form correct position. Welding a pipe joint having water inside is another usual mistake. You will have to be sure of purchasing the copper fittings as the joining process requires. One of the joining techniques is to weld. It is used for joining hard copper pipes and requires a little propane or butane torch, a wire pipe brush, emery cloth, a can of soldering flux and solid core wire solder.  Some use lead free.


To verify the length of a copper pipe, it is necessary to determine the distance between the fittings and the length of the pipe that will be introduced in each fitting. The copper pipe should be cut with a piper cutter design to cut copper. Tips: some pipes bang when a valve is cut off. To prevent this situation, install shock absorbers.


If any of the installed water system supplies has a defect, you have to find, first, the source of the water. If the source of water is a toilet or washing machine line, it only needs to close the valve that supplies the fixture. But if it is a pipe broken, it is necessary to shut off the entire house water supply until it is fixed. Then, minimize the water damage by sopping up it with towels.  Move everything away form the water. First, move paper or wood furniture, and always ask for professional help.

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