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Shop Foreman: Supervising Your Success!

Shop foreman or supervisors are the ones in charge of the general supervision of service technicians and are responsible for an appropriate coordination with the parts department. To become a shop foreman, the individual must be quite an experienced master technician, with an extensive ability to diagnose. Shop supervisors are also the ones in charge of helping others to troubleshoot challenging situations.

Most of the times, the shop foreman has previously been a master technician or a successful automotive technician. Therefore, he/she must count on years of hand-experience. Moreover, most shop foreman obtained associate degrees from community colleges and certificates from auto technology programs. Those courses are quite important to develop in the future in any other position that requires them such as mathematics, computers, electronics, business and science. More formal educational requirements often depend on each manufacturer.

The average annual income of shop supervisors is of approximately $75,000. Sometimes, it can reach the amount of $125,000, which is higher than the average for retail trade or the private industry. Those earnings depend on the person’s experience, the manufacturer’s geographic location and the size of the company. Large dealerships offer benefit packages that include the payment of bonuses and incentive programs for improving customer satisfaction or exceeding quotas and health insurance or retirement plans.

If you have enough experience as an automotive technician and want to have great annual incomes, go look for the nearest dealer company and find yourself a position within the automotive industry.

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