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Below-grade Plumbing: An Increasing Estate Concern


Since land prices continue to increase, homeowners and builders search for a way to reduce the cost of the living space; in their search, a new solution appears below ground. Basements began to be a part of every home. Buy they became a mayor problem when plumbing in below grade bathrooms: shops, utility rooms or any was flow ascending. Is impossible to put the sufficient slope from plumbing equipment to the sewers line, so one additional solution is to do a “sewage discharge pump”. In easy words, sewage pumps push the waste matter from the fixture by a discharge pipe to the septic lines or the main sewer of the home.

There are three different categories of sewage discharge systems. It depends on its application. The simplest is an ejection pump that handles only liquids. This discharge system is related to the standard basement sump pump used to drift activated pumps to move forward in the ascending water. This system was designed to hold liquid waste in sinks. The second system, the sewage ejector pump is for “below grade bathrooms” with a toilet. It allows pumping with more powerful solid wastes and liquids up to two inches of diameter. The third system is a “sewage grinder pump”, used in all the other kinds of wastes, liquid and solid. It was designed for “below grade kitchens” or any area with food wastes and grease.

The purpose and setting up of the pump system depends on the application you need. It has from semi horsepower to 1 horsepower or even more. It adapts by the amount of waste and by the distance of transportation. The pump system is installed close to the bathroom, minimizing the piping runs and installation costs. The cost of these below grade pump systems starts at $350.

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