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The Environment of Carpenters


Carpentry is an essential activity of the construction industry. People who work in this field usually have to build, install, repair, remodel, and design structures made of wood, concrete, glass or other materials. As well as in other professions, carpenters have to work according to the instructions from supervisors and local buildings codes.

Today, there are new materials for carpentry; for example, prefabricated components such as stairs, houses and wall panels. These materials help carpenters; their work becomes simpler because they do not have to invest time and money in designing, cutting, or assembling pieces.

Carpenters can work inside or outside of the construction. They perform a variety of functions; some of them work in installation and others in maintenance. Normally, they have to remove ceilings, doors, panes of glass and kitchen cabinets. Moreover, they have to repair chairs, windows, doors, tables and change locks.

Carpentry work can be exhausting. They usually have to lift heavy materials, walk everywhere and handle dangerous tools such as hammers and drills. For that reason, carpenters need  to be in very good physical condition. Sometimes, climate is their worst enemy. Some weather conditions prevent them from being able to continue with their work, especially if they are working outside.

Carpenters have two work options: working with a contractor or starting their own business. Some employers change their carpenters when they finish a construction deal. It is said that being an experienced carpenter usually means having more than three years of training. Some of them take courses of algebra, English, physics, drawing and learn about general construction materials. These classes allow them to have more knowledge about all the aspects of the construction industry.

In 2004, carpenters held about 1.3 million jobs; it is thought that job opportunities for carpenters will increase in the next ten years. These opportunities increased as a result of the demand for new constructions due to modernizing and expanding activities.

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