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Chicago Faucets: An Excellent Job Opportunity

Chicago Faucets began its operations in 1901 in the West Side of Chicago. The business started when Albert C. Brown opened a shop in this city. He manufactured different plumbing fixtures. The demand for plumbing products had grown and he began marketing the products under his own name.

Since its foundation, Chicago Faucets has been recognized as a leader in the industry to the point that in 2002, Geberit Group purchased Chicago Faucets. This company has more than 120 years in the industry, and is a European leader provider in the plumbing technology field. Its headquarters are located in Switzerland, and employs more than 4,600 people around the world. On the other hand, Chicago Faucet headquarters are located in Des Plaines, Illinois. This company employs around 500 people. It has offices in Cleveland, Indiana, Huntsville, Alabama Milwaukee.

Chicago Faucets is one of only four United States manufacturers of permanent mold, yellow-brass castings. Quality products and excellent customer service kept this company growing. Since Mr. Brown opened his shop many years ago, the company continues manufacturing the best plumbing products. Its products include commercial plumbing, electronic, food service, laboratory, residential, bath components, and repair parts.

Working at this company is an excellent opportunity. People can live new personal and professional experiences at any office.

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