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Geberit Group: A World-Class Company

Geberit Group is an European sanitary manufacturer company; it was founded in 1874 by Caspar Melchior Albert Gebert. It is a global leader in the industry, and it is recognized as a pioneer in the market. Its headquarter offices are located in St. Gallen, Switzerland. This company operates in more than 40 countries, such as the United Kingdom, China, North America, Central and Eastern Europe and East Asia. Also, Geberit has 17 production plants in eight different countries; however, its more important production sites are located in Germany and Austria. The sales activities are concentrated mainly in European markets.

Today, Geberit is more than a leader in the industry. The company works based on two products division, the Sanitary Systems, and Piping Installations; besides, Geberit has six different product lines, including Flushing Systems, Waste Fittings and Traps, Building Drainage Systems, and Supply Systems, among others.

Geberit’s brand is recommended by many plumbers around the world. Its innovative quality products provide high sanitary, ecological and efficient solutions for many customers. Everyday, the company is looking for the best business practices, and training is one of them. In fact, in 2004, the company trained more than 25,000 plumbers, sanitary engineers, and architects around the world.

Geberit employs approximately 5,200 employees. This company believes that its human capital makes them a successful company. Geberit gives employees the chance to develop their career. The company provides a professional environment. To get this challenge, Geberit recruits qualified specialists and staff people, motivates and empowers individuals to continue performing at work.

Geberit’s motto at work is quality. This company works according to the latest technology and highest quality standards. Working at Geberit is an excellent opportunity.

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