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AMTROL: The Most Important Manufacturer of Pre-Pressurized Tanks

AMTROL was founded in 1946 and is the most important manufacturer of pre-pressurized diaphragm expansion tanks around the world. In 1954, AMTROL changed the hydronic industry. In our days is a worldwide company in the manufacturing of mechanical systems utilized to control heating and to store potable water. Its headquarter offices are located in West Warwick, Rhode Island.

Today, AMTROL produces water heaters, pressure boosters, tanks and chemical containers. Since its foundation, this company works with the highest quality standards. In fact, they achieve the ISO 9001 certification. Its products are used for residential and industries. AMTROL provides solutions for the treatment, heating, expansion, and flow control of the water.

AMTROL operates around the world. In deed, it has two subsidiaries; one of these is Watersoft, Inc., a company that produces sophisticated water treatment machinery used by residential and commercial businesses. It is located in Ohio. Amtrol Alfa is another partner. This company carries out the heating and refrigerant process of gas cylinders. Besides, AMTROL has operation plants in Rhode Island, Maryland, Kentucky, and out of the country, in Portugal.

This company employs around 1,700 people and offers a diversity of career opportunities in different fields, from executive managers to specialized plumbers and engineers.

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