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Rheem: A World-Class Leader of Water Heaters

Rheem was founded in 1927 by Edwin Ruud in New York. It began its operations as a seller of packages to the petroleum industry. A little later it began producing water heaters, and years later, Rheem launched warm air furnaces. In 1959, this company purchased Ruud Manufacturing Company. Further acquisitions followed; in fact, in 1985 the company acquired Raypak, a worldwide leader of cooper tube boilers used for the residential, commercial and hydronic industry.

Today, this company is a nationwide leader manufacturer of water heaters, air conditioners, central warm air furnaces and industrial boilers. The company achieved the ISO 9000 certification. Rheem has four manufacturing plants in the United States; these are located in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, and California. Besides, Rheem has businesses in Canada, Australia, and Mexico. Moreover, in 1987 Rheem bought a subsidiary, Paloma Industries of Nagoya, located in Japan. Paloma Industries is the most important producer of gas appliances of the world.

Rheem needs the help of many employees to provide millions of its clients with excellent water heating products; therefore, working at Rheem could be an exciting opportunity. People have the choice to live new experiences at any subsidiary around the world. Also, Rheem offers diversified job positions. There are different areas of business such as Home and Family, Contractor and Specifier, Distributors, and Manufactured Housing.

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