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Bradford White Corporation: A Leader Manufacturer of Water Heaters in the World

Bradford White Corporation was founded in 1881 in Philadelphia and is one of the largest technologically advanced water heaters companies in the world. It has its manufacturing operation building in Middleville, Michigan. All its products are for wholesale distributors, and most of them are installed by plumbing professionals and heating specialists. Bradford manufactures water heaters products for residential, commercial and hydronic spaces.

Bradford White works based on quality, to get this challenge this company uses the latest technology. Thanks to the efforts of their engineers, the company was able to create products with the highest quality standards and performance. Besides, the company formed strategic alliances by the acquisition of some companies. In 2002, Bradford White acquired Niles Steel Tank Company, located in Michigan. This company produces custom pressure vessels. It has more than 100 years of experience. Moreover, recently, Bradford White Corporation acquired LAARS Heating Systems. This company is a leader manufacturer of commercial and residential gas and oil-fired boilers and commercial pool heaters.

The Contractor Locator is another service of Bradford. This one provides customers support for you to find and potentially purchase products and services. However, this kind of retailers are independent, the company does not control them.

Working at Bradford White Corporation could be an excellent opportunity for you. If you have experience at the plumbing field, this company will offer you a great environment and professional development.

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