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In-Sink Erator: A Global Presence Company

In-Sink Erator was founded by the architect John W. Hammes in Wisconsin in 1927. He built the first food waste disposer. However, during 12 years he had tested this machine, and in 1938 he sold 52 disposers. This person came to change the typical features of many kitchens around the world. Today, In-Sink Erator is the most important manufacturer of food waste disposers and hot water dispensers for residential and commercial segments.

In-Sink Erator gave a balance of elegancy and simplicity. Today comfort is everything; therefore, this company is always looking for the highest quality standards. In-Sink believes that a kitchen must give solutions that save time and reduce investment costs. At In-Sink customers will find the best-selling food waste disposer products of the world. Their contractors, consumers, suppliers and shareholders have enjoyed the confidence of their products in more than 80 countries, some of these are: Japan, Mexico, Russia, Canada, China, Australia, Spain, and Brazil, among others.

The philosophy of In-Sink is to look for kitchen convenience. To get this challenge, this company uses the latest technology. They also work with the most qualified plumbers and with qualified technicians.

Professional Plumbers selected In-Sink Erator’s brand as the best product because it is excellent and has wide durability. Since its foundation, this company has been providing the best products of the industry. In fact, In-Sink is the major division of Emerson Electric Co, considered as a global leader in the plumbing industry and other fields such as industrial automation, process control, heating, air conditioning and telecommunications.

In-Sink employs 1,000 people around the world. This company knows that teamwork is essential and that excellence and high performance must be recognized; for this reason people can live a rewarding and professional development career.

The company offers very attractive benefits plans, including a retirement plan, a stock purchase plan, medical services, insurance plans, tuition financial support and profit sharing plans, among others.

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