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Landmark Service Inc: The Old House Experts

Landmark Services Inc is a general contractor company devoted to restore, rehabilitate and renovate old historic homes and buildings. They serve the areas of southern New Hampshire, eastern Massachusetts, eastern Connecticut and Rhode Island. In spite of the fact that they are in charge of preserving the original structure of the buildings, they are really concerned about providing their projects with modern features in many ways. For this matter, they utilize a wide-ranging diversity of historic materials, decorative finishes, masonry and plaster. Besides, they also deal with millwork and woodwork. In addition, among the services offered by Landmark, customers have historic barn conversions and restitution at their disposal. For this matter, they make everything possible in order to satisfy the particular customer needs and expectations regardless of what they are looking for.

When trying to repair a building, they take many aspects into consideration. Sills, structural framing, the roof, doors, windows, among many other elements, are completely restored. If the pieces are extremely damaged, then, they must be reproduced exactly. However, their work is even more comprehensive. They rely on a broad variety of services including additions, renovations, barn and timber restoration, kitchen and bath renovations, wood window restoration, churches and public buildings, Victorian homes, historical masonry, historic woodwork restoration, exterior restoration and churches and public buildings.

In order to do all the magnificent work that they do and to achieve that high quality that is demonstrated in every single project they have gone through, Landmark is at the cutting-edge of technology and uses the best materials. For this matter, they are contracted by different kinds of organizations or professionals such as realtors, historic societies and architects. This is the reason why they have been in charge of the best historical building restoration projects in their areas. Thus, this is, definitely, an excellent example of one of the most successful general contractor companies that you can find ever.

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