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Farmer & Irving Corporation: A Mechanical Contractor

Farmer and Irving Corporation is a 46-year company that plays a crucial role in the mechanical construction industry. It was founded in 1956 and today, it is situated at 3300 Avenue K. Rivera Beach, Palm Beach County Florida. They, Bob Farmer and Dick Irwin, who are the creators of the company, started offering their clients cost effective mechanical systems. These days, among the services provided by Farmer and Irving Corporation are: plumbing, fire protection, air conditioning and sheet metal.

Farmer and Irwin Corp. works in affiliation with the United Association. Moreover, the fact that they are signatory with Local Union 719 Plumbers and Pipe Fitters and with Local Union 821 Sprinkler Fitters confers them the opportunity of providing the skilled mechanics necessary for performing their countless list of mechanical systems that they service and install. They provide developers, owners and general contractors with specialized services such as design-build projects, value engineering, negotiated budgets and proper planning. They are keeping, prefabricating many job components in mind so that they can save some time with regards to installation. They also confer preventative maintenance in order for the installed systems to continue working correctly.

Once they finish a project, they offer the contractor or the owner post-project maintenance programs and thus, they are able to satisfy all the needs of the clients in the best way. At Farmer & Irwin, dealing with different kinds of projects is really common. For instance, some of them are circumscribed to multi-family residential, institutional, industrial and commercial areas. They rely on approximately 15 to 20 million dollar annual sales. Furthermore, because of their quality work, they have been recognized and received many awards. Besides having been named “Subcontractor of the Year Award”, they have been given many awards regarding excellence in construction. So, if you are trying to find out about a contractor dealing with plumbing, fire sprinkler and/or air conditioning, think about Farmer & Irwin Corporation.

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