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General Motors: Love What You Do!

General Motors is believed to be the largest company in the auto industry. This company, which was created in 1908, is established in 32 countries and now employs over 352,000 people worldwide. Today, they sell their vehicles in 200 countries, making them a giant in the field of automaking. GM relies on a really comprehensive lineup of brands: Chevrolet, Saturn, Pontiac, HUMMER, Buick, Saab, Cadillac, Holden, GMC, Opel, Oldsmobile and Vauxhall. Their day-to-day activities deal with building cars, trucks and SUVs.

At General Motors, experienced professionals, new college graduates and college interns have great opportunities to join their work team. Several openings are involved in the area of engineering. GM is looking for a broad diversity of engineers. For instance, industrial and manufacturing engineers are now required. For these occupations, a bachelor’s degree candidate may earn approximately $49,567 a year, a master’s degree applicant earns $56,561 annually, and a Ph.D. aspirant receives $85,000 per year. In addition, materials engineers also have a chance to become part of the great GM family. Bachelor’s degree materials engineers usually receive around $50,982 a year.

Moreover, General Motors is also looking for various positions related to financial analysis such as senior financial analysts and senior financial analyst – SAP specialist. In spite of the fact that earnings for these analysts vary a lot depending mostly on the specialization of the employee, most of the time, the average annual earnings for them are between $68,000 and $74,580. Furthermore, professionals in the field of electronic engineering may have an amazing future in GM. They are also hiring senior project engineers. They are those people who have complete control of engineering projects. Electronic engineers with a bachelor’s degree earn around $51,888 per year. Likewise, master’s degree electronic engineers usually receive $64,416 annually. Ph.D. electronic engineers are paid around $80,206 a year. As you see, at GM, a brilliant future is waiting for you. Besides of the openings mentioned above, there are some others that you can opt for. Do not hesitate in making the most of this opportunity because, maybe tomorrow will be too late for you to have the job of your dreams.

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