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Toyota: Moving Fordward!

Toyota is the fourth-largest automaker company of the world. Today, Toyota relies on 12 different manufacturing plants in North America, including some in Canada. Another plant will be built in San Antonio, Texas. In these plants, over 1.44 million vehicles, around 390,000 automatic transmissions and more than 1.27 million engines were manufactured in the year 2004.

The direct employment of Toyota in the North American facilities is of over 37,000 people. That really demonstrates how important and comprehensive this company is. Nevertheless, they are still requiring people like you. They will be pleased if you become part of their team. Now they are looking for a cost accountant for a facility located in California. Many accountants related to this field earn about $53,870 per year. Also, in Michigan, an accounting specialist is required. In addition, openings for human resources specialists are available too. People working in this position usually receive around $166,000 annually. Obviously, they are also hiring a broad range of engineers, among them, mechanical engineers. As an average, a bachelor’s degree mechanical engineer earns about $50,236 a year. A mechanical engineer with a masters’ degree receives approximately $59,880 and with a Ph.D., he/she gets $68,299 annually.

Fraud and special investigations auditors are also required at Toyota. Auditors who rely on a 1-year experience earn between $28,250 and $45,000 annually. Those auditors who have 1 to 3 years of experience may earn from $33,000 to $52,000 a year. Earnings of a director of auditing range from $64,750 to $200,750 per year. So, depending on your knowledge, experience, credential and preferences, you are able to apply for that job that will definitely help you achieve all your goals.

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