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Steps to Clean Congested Drains, Toilets or Sewers


If you have some congested drains, toilets or sewers, follow the next tips. For congested sink drains just unlock the boiling water taps for 5 or 10 minutes. Most of the time, this tip allows the water to flow. Another advice is to use an environmental secure substance drain opener made of caustic soda and bauxite. Some minutes later, flush it, start the drain pipes with boiling water and let it run for more than 10 minutes.

When a drain is completely congested, a suction cup will unlock it. Another solution is to remove the basket strainer from the drain or run boiling water for more than 2 minutes. If it does not work get a suction cup plunger and push it up-down manually or remove some pipes to clean and unlock the drain. After the pipe of the drain is opened, remove the cleanout plug and clean it. Run the water throughout the tube to wash any waste.

If the problem is a congested lavatory drain, it has 6 different solutions. First try to open it by replacing the drain stopper and any material with short pieces of wire. One more solution is to try with a plunger. Another tip is to sink auger. If those do not work, release the thumbscrew on the plumber’s snake and pull it for more than 3 minutes. If it is a congested bathtub drain use the water, chemical or plunger method.

To unlock an obstructed toilet use a force ball type plunger, or a closet auger. To unlock a clogged sewer set an urn below the cleanout plug and release the plug. Another solution is to take out the plug and place in a cleanout tape.

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