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Oestreicher Construction Corporation


Oestreicher Construction Corporation is basically a construction company. It was established as a subsidiary of Oestreicher properties seventeen years ago. The main motive of the company is to create a full service construction company, so that it will provide quality product for all the in house tenant work in a timely fashion. They are renowned for their expertise in high profile concrete projects.
The Oestreicher Construction Corporation’s roots are in commercial interior renovations. The company stepped in to the healthcare construction market, in 1922 and started renovating clinics for health insurance plan of greater New York. The Company is highly dedicated in completing the projects by following the strict principles. The company’s approach towards construction totally depends upon owner, architect and builder relationship. This relationship is based on shared vision of goals and trust. Communication is the key factor for any relationship and to ease this communication, organizational skills are required.
During the pre construction the company’s project team reviews specification, plans and completes a strategic analysis as it is necessary to determine a qualified vendor or bidder list. As they get the approval of the recommended vendors or bidders, they start preparing bid packages while mixing requests for services into the project. A comprehensive comparison and review is prepared, once these bids are received.
With superior quality of projects, the company gets repeated business from their clients and thus the responsibilities of the company has extended. They are also committed to healthcare industry. The company’s building approach was tested and was proved successfully.
Oestreicher Construction Corporation is focused to deliver with quality, accept new challenges and please their clients’ demand.

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