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Reyes Group, Ltd.


Reyes Group Ltd which started 13 years ago has seen a significant growth and now is even associated with joint ventures for many civil projects along with well known general contractors like Kiewit Western Company and Ragnar Benson. The company, Reyes Group Ltd. is currently occupied in construction management and general contracting. They also work on the projects like structures, underground work sites, erosion control and precast.
The project of Reyes Group Ltd’s new head office was one among many current projects of the company. The project included two buildings with the total area of 8,000 square foots along with an efficient yard. The company associated with Ragnar Benson or Reyes Group Ltd for a 32 million dollar Metra assignment to build a main railway line, a new station for travelers, parking spaces, many buildings along with a full yard for railway overlay. This assignment is situated in Geneva which is in Elburn of Illinois. The other assignments with the Company, Kiewit Western on the CTA, include the latest and old stations, the present electrical work and related functions.
The Reyes Group Ltd. is happy to be a part of erosion control services on many of its projects. Few of such services include, closed and open cell articulated concrete cable mat, unbreakable concrete inside layer for stabilizing slope and control erosion, revetment mats which are filled with Grout, and also the control systems limited to Geo web cellular.
Precasting is a complicated and an accurate function which can be completed only by the best craftsmen. The Reyes Group Ltd. company has such abilities and experience to carry out this service with the best results for their customers. After the completion of work the final output is astonishing and gives a typical look for such projects.
The Reyes Group Ltd company has set it priorities for safety measures and excellence, and to offer the finished output which completely satisfies the owner of that construction. The staff of Reyes Group Ltd, in person and cooperatively, is dedicated to offer the ultimate craftsmanship and proficiency at all the stages of construction in order to avoid troubles before they can happen. The company is dedicated in giving the client high quality products, securely, under financial constraints and within the schedule.

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