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STP Nuclear Operating Company


STP, The South Texas Project Nuclear Operating Company is an electric holding company based in Wadsworth, Texas. Their electric generating station is one of the largest and newest nuclear power plants in the United States. Many industry and federal officials have applauded their two unit nuclear power plant as an up to date and model facility. These two units produce nearly 2,600 megawatts of electricity, sufficient for well over one million businesses and homes all through summertime peak usage.

The plant is an industry leader in reliability, safety and efficiency. In just the last three years, the company has attained the lowest fuel cost of all power plants in the United States unit 1 has led each and every reactor countrywide in electricity production. And the plant has twice won the American nuclear industry's utmost honor, which is the best of the best trophy.

Power plants make use of fuel to heat water into high-pressure steam that spins the fan blades of turbines, which turn generators that create electricity. In a fossil fuel plant natural gas, coal or oil is burned to generate heat. In a nuclear plant, the fuel is uranium. This is how the nuclear plant works.
In 2005, the company won its sixth Top Industry Practice Award, for a major plant modification project spanning numerous years and in 2004 the American Nuclear Society presents Utility Achievement Award. Currently the president and chief executive officer of the company is Joe Sheppard.
The South Texas Project Nuclear Operating Company is focused to deliver with quality, accept new challenges and please their clients’ demand. Their past performance, integrity commitment to customers and employees has made them the most reliable in their business. The company has developed a reputation of being the best in the business and they work hard to stay in the top position in the future as well.

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