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Upper Peninsula Power Company


Upper Peninsula Power Company is a regulated electric utility which operates in 4,500 square miles of mainly rural countryside covering 10 of the 15 counties in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
The company serves 50,304 electricity customers in 99 communities and provides electrical energy to 32 wholesale customers. Main industries served are forest products, tourism, and small manufacturing firms. Electricity revenues are comprised of 91 percent retail sales and 9 percent wholesale sales. The facilities provided by the company are electricity generating capacity and electricity property including 806 miles of electric transmission lines and 2,764 miles of electricity distribution lines.
As an energy supplier, the company generates electricity for you or buys electricity for your use from another generator. The delivery of energy will remain as a service from Upper Peninsula Power Company and will continue to be controlled by the Michigan Public Service Commission. Their delivery services incorporate responding to emergencies, maintaining power lines and customer service support.
Through working with several different businesses over many years, the company has acquired expertise, skills and resources that can solve problems, create opportunities and promote economic growth. In addition to their own business assistance programs, they are joined into networks of both public and private resources.
The company besides improving competitiveness, quality certifications like ISO-9000 can open their doors for business worldwide. Working with expert resources, they can assist their business customers in getting the training and certifications they need. A good business plan does more than provide direction, define goals and measure progress. They use their experience and knowledge to help companies develop comprehensive, successful business plans on a cost sharing basis.
Upper Peninsula Power Company is focused on delivering electricity with quality, accept new challenges and satisfy their clients’ need. Their past performance, honesty and commitment to customers and employees has made them the most reliable in their business. The company has developed a status of being the best in the business and they will work hard to stay in the top position in the future as well.

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