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Wellsboro Electric Company


Wellsboro Electric Company is an electricity service provider since 1894. The company employees oversee day to day operations including construction, line maintenance, administrative and clerical compulsions.
Wellsboro Electric Company is an investor owned electric utility and necessarily falls under the jurisdiction of PUC, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. Today, Wellsboro service area encompasses 178 square miles and entails approximately 570 miles of power lines, both overhead and underground. Wellsboro Electric operates two 34,500 volt substations. Consumer density averages 10 customers per mile of line. Wellsboro Electric Company served 5787 accounts in Wellsboro, Borough and Middlebury, Delmar and Charleston townships.
Their service area is about 178 square miles, all of their generation is currently purchased from Dominion Energy Marketing, Inc. They are a voting member of PJM Interconnection L.L.C. The company serves approximately 5800 residential, commercial and industrial customers they have 16 full time highly skilled employees, 8 line and operations support employees 8 office and support employees and all employees are local. They use modern equipment, vehicles and systems such as SCADA, automatic meter reading. They also utilize a modern outage management system and customer information system.
The company provides customer service, list of approved inspectors, service map, general service requirements, service territory, residential service, temporary service and underground service. Their products are as such protective lighting, construction specs, surge protection and apartment rental. Wellsboro Electric will not connect service until all customers owned equipment has been inspected by an approved electrical inspector and a certificate of inspection has been received.
Wellsboro Electric will furnish and maintain the necessary meters, transformers, and service line for secondary service extending from its distribution lines to the point of service connection with the customer's equipment. All equipment supplied by the company shall remain its exclusive property and may be removed after termination of service for whatever cause.
Their open business approach and free flowing communication with the project team guarantees a successfully completed project each time.

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