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Wisconsin Energy Corporation


Wisconsin Energy Corporation is basically an electrician company. The company was founded in 1982. The Wisconsin Energy Corporation foundation has contributed financial support for the activities of nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations in communities that are served by Wisconsin Energy and its subsidiaries. The foundation is funded by Wisconsin Energy shareholders.
The company’s principle business is offering electric and natural gas service to customers across Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The total assets are more than ten billion dollars. The company serves more than one million electric customers in Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula and one million natural gas customers in Wisconsin. Their power the future program has been investing in additional power generation, improving existing power plants and promoting the electricity delivery system.

The company also serves about 2,500 water customers in Milwaukee's northern suburbs and about five hundred steam customers in downtown Milwaukee. They offer services such as business are real estate sales, film locations, meter reading, calibration, water meter reading and electronic commerce. They have invested more than three billion dollars, in its transmission and distribution system throughout its 50,000 square mile service area and expect to invest an additional eleven billion dollars in electricity infrastructure replacement and improvement over the next decade. 

The company’s mission is to develop brighter futures for the communities, in which they do business, enhancing the growth and success of their company. The company is focused to deliver with quality, accept new challenges and please their clients’ demand. Their past performance, integrity commitment to customers and employees has made them the most reliable in their business. The company has developed a reputation of being the best in the business and they work hard to stay in the top position in the future as well.

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