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Wisconsin Public Service Corporation


Wisconsin Public Service Corporation is basically an electrician company. The company was incorporated in 1922. Wisconsin Public Service has been lighting homes and energizing businesses in northeastern and central Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. The corporation has 19 district offices and provides service to 24 counties throughout northeastern and central Wisconsin.
The company offers electricity and natural gas to more than 400,000 customers within an 11,000 square mile, 20 county service territories which consists of a large portion of northeast and central Wisconsin and a small part of Upper Michigan. Wisconsin Public Service Corporation offers certain electric services to its affiliated alternative electric supplier, WPS Energy Services, in the State of Michigan.
Wisconsin Public Service provides the same services to other alternative electric suppliers, offering service in Public Service's Michigan service territory or to the Michigan customers of those suppliers under the same terms and conditions as are provided to WPS Energy Services in the state of Michigan. The company is a regulated electric and natural gas utility that operates in an eleven thousand square mile area of northeastern and central Wisconsin and an adjacent portion of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
The company also provides electric and natural gas products and services to residential, farm, commercial, and industrial customers. They provide electric power to wholesale customers, electric operations accounted for 69 percent and gas operations accounted for 31 percent of 2000 revenues, with electric revenues comprised of 89 percent retail sales and 11 percent wholesale sales. The electricity produced by the company comes from fossil, nuclear, wind, and hydroelectric generating plants such as coal fired plants, Kewaunee nuclear power plant, hydroelectric plants, and peaking plants.
The company is focused to deliver with quality, accept new challenges and please their clients’ demand. Their past performance, integrity commitment to customers and employees has made them the most reliable in their business. The company has developed a reputation of being the best in the business and they work hard to stay in the top position in the future as well.

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