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WPS Resources Corporation


WPS Resources Corporation is based in Green Bay Wisconsin and is private, charitable foundation that supports the philanthropic efforts of WPS Resources Corporation, their volunteer efforts and their employees. The Company is highly committed in providing safe and reliable electricity to their customers that includes commercial business, homeowners and other utilities.
Investors have had a tough time recognizing quality companies. They are now recognizing that WPS Resources' conservative nature has served it well through the years. Their core competencies are in energy and energy-related businesses, and they intend to stay in those businesses within the Canada and United States.
They understand the energy business and have a business plan that capitalizes on that understanding. Their utility base is solid and they focus on their non regulated energy businesses. They effectively ease and minimize risk in the operation of their business and work hard to maintain quality credit ratings. They are committed in achieving their projected annualized earnings per share growth of six to eight percent, and maintaining their outstanding dividend record.
The foundation is entirely funded through contributions from WPS Resources Corporation. Through direct grants, scholarships and an employee matching grants program, the foundation actively supports improvements in the quality of life in the communities served by WPS Resources and its subsidiaries.
The company’s goal is to achieve sustainable and long term growth. They are committed to providing a good service using advance technology with safety. The company is committed to customer satisfaction by continuously improving their operations to be a low cost, reliable, environmentally sound energy provider.

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