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Landscape: Conditions of Their Work and Salaries

Landscape is very different than many other jobs because it is not so common. People who work in this field spend most of their time in a landscape rather than in an office. They use the time that they spend in their offices to make plans and designs for projects and then they must supervise the places of the projects.

These architects also spend time doing models and estimating the costs of the project, researching and in meetings with the customers and the staff involved in the creation of the project. After the plans and stipulations are accomplished, landscapers may use extra time on the location supervising the creation and recommending some special details.

Landscape architects that work in national or regional companies spend much more time out of their offices because they must travel to different places away from their area. Landscapers who work for the government and the ones who work for a private company normally work regular schedules, but if they want, they also can work additional time to finish a project at the established time.

On the other hand, landscapers who have their own company, work depending of the pending job that they accumulate. Another important aspect that you must know is about the salaries that a landscape architect receives and the job opportunities available in the market. Just for you to know, last year, landscape produced more than 25,000 jobs, from those jobs, approximately 6 of every 10 were provided by private firms that offered architectural, landscape, engineering and special landscape services, almost 1 of every 4 landscapers had their own company.

Landscape jobs are focused in urban, suburban and rural areas, in places where the government plans to create different recreation centers. The annual income for landscape architects is of approximately $53,120. The middle 50 percent receive between $40,930 and $70,400. The lowest 10 percent receive less than $32,390 and the highest 10 percent earn over $90,850. This information may be very helpful if you are considering starting on landscaping jobs and especially if you already work in landscaping and you are looking for a job now.

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