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Exposure to Lead in Paints is Dangerous

Here you will find important information about the dangers of lead paint and what we can do to prevent them. In the United States, most of the houses built before 1978 have paint that contains lead. Lead is an extremely toxic metal. Some years ago, it was used in many products found around homes. In 1978, the government banned lead-based paint from houses as a prevention measure.

Many people who worked in the real state business had to follow this measure. Federal laws said that people had to receive clear information before renting, buying or renovating houses built before 1978. Lead can be found in soil around homes, in the dust from exterior or interior paints and in water.

Maybe the water that you drink contains plumbing with lead, even old painted toys and furniture and food and liquids stored in lead crystal. People can contact lead when they touch or eat something that is covered with lead dust or breathe lead dust from the surface of paintings. This metal can cause many health effects, some of the sad endings are: behavioral problems, learning disabilities and death.

Children are the most affected by lead because they are growing quickly. According to the EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency), by 2002 there were 310,000 children with elevated blood lead levels. Lead is also tremendously risky for the adult population of this country. Some of the damages caused by lead are: difficulties during the pregnancy period, reproductive and digestive problems, high blood pressure, nerve disorders and muscle pain, among others.

Experts recommended testing your family; with a simple blood test the doctor can detect lead levels. Depending on the results of the test, sometimes people require changes in the diet, medical treatment or a hospital stay. However, a test is not enough measure. You can contact a paint inspector. This person tells you the lead content of every painted surface in your home.

Besides, you can look for a risk assessment. This professional can tell you if there is lead exposure in your home. The inspections of these professionals usually include a visual inspection of paint condition and location, a portable x-ray fluorescence (XFR) machine, lab tests of paint samples and surface dust tests. The federal government, companies, organizations and the private sector have been working very hard in order to coordinate efforts to protect people from lead exposure. Many other people work on that as well. You have to contribute by inspecting your home.

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