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Paint and Refinishing Technicians: Stability Assured

Anyone who is interested on working as a painting/refinishing technician should first get acknowledged with all the requirements needed to fill this position. In the US, approximately 1,300 community colleges, high schools, and public and private technical schools are currently offering specialized training programs such as the Collision and Refinish Technology training. Moreover, secondary high school programs include training in the basic-entry level. Among the courses taught there is training in non-structural damage repair, mechanical components, basic electricity and refinish technology. Moreover, these institutions prepare the students with a solid academic foundation and instruct them with the best employability skills available.

It is important to note that these trainings are not only for hobby interests or introductory, they do equip students with the required tools to get jobs as entry-level technicians. There are post-secondary programs that provide students with a more professional approach and career preparation in the areas that they had previously studied. Once students have finished the required courses on advanced paint matching, collision repair or painter/refinisher technician and similar, they must obtain a certification from the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). Only with this certification they will be recognized to give high quality standards and will be ready to educate professionals in the area.

After the individual has finished his academic education plus the trainings, he/she must make sure that his/her driving record is optimal with no DUIs and drug-free. This is a primordial requirement for all automotive manufacturers or shops. Once you become an active part of one of these companies, you can be elected to take part in sponsored two-year associate degree programs. In here, the students get continuous feedback on new modalities and technologies from the field. Most of the time, students alternate 6 to 12 weeks periods attending class and working full time in body shops. Sometimes, sponsors provide students not only with training materials and service equipment, but also with financial assistance for the purchase of tools and tuition.

Most body repairers employed by automotive dealers obtained their salary on a flat-rate basis. This way, body repairers are paid a determined amount for the development of several tasks. Repairers can obtain some other earnings depending on the amount of work assigned to the repairer and how fast the work is completed. Employers usually assure their workers with the minimum weekly income plus some other benefits.

If you or someone you know is interested on working as a paint/refinisher technician, here are a few tips that may be quite helpful for the search and preparation process. The automotive industry provides stability and job security for its employees, so, do not hesitate to enter this wonderful world of opportunities.

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