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Tips and Tricks of Plumbers


Plumbers have many tips and tricks to eliminate a congested drain. Some of those tips and tricks are the following: use a septic and plumbing energizer concentrate, it is an excellent product. All the septic systems have and need anaerobic bacteria to destroy the organic material but cleaners and detergents of today exterminate the bacteria. Put a high concentration of detergent in the septic every time that you wash clothes, dishes or showers. Cleaners such as deodorant soaps, toilet bowl cleaners and disinfectants destroy the bacteria. These contaminants pass by the septic tank and reach the environment destroying the fields and becoming a “bio” threat.

These products not only destroy proteins, starches and fats but also its biogenetically engineered bacteria absorb pollutants because it was designed for municipal and industrial waste treatment facilities. The septic and plumbing energizer concentrates, prevents and solves many problems in the yards, in laundry rooms, in the garden and in the kitchen; it can be used for greywater and septic systems, outhouses, manure pits, garbage disposals, drains, grease traps, cesspools, leach fields, RV and pit toilets, dry wells and lagoons. It contains more than 110 pounds of RID-X, decreasing the amount of bacteria in 10%.

Another tip is to use bread when soldering or piping up. Remember when you were a kid and threw a small ball into piled up white bread, an entire piece of bread compacted down to almost nothing. This is the truth of white bread: it is generally air. Plumbers use this principle when replacing sections of the pipe. Sometimes the older pipe causes mayor problems, steaming throughout the bond. To repair that problem, just strip the crust into the tube.

When you have problems with Detoxing deposits caused by the accumulation of lime and calcium in the faucets, nozzles and shower heads, the water will flow slow and uneven. The best solution for that is to unscrew the heads on the shower and the faucets then immerse them for a couple hours in a decalcifier like CLR and at last just brush it and re attach it.

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