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Paint and Refinishing Technicians: A Great Job Opportunity

The automotive industry offers a wide variety of positions for every interest. One of the most interesting jobs is the paint/refinishing technician. Paint/refinishers are in charge of fixing damaged vehicles; therefore, their hand skills must be quite accurate. Moreover, a broad previous knowledge about the finishing details from the manufacturer must be managed, so that the result of their work ends up being very similar to the original one.

The work of paint/refinishing technicians comes into play once the collision repairs took place. P/R technicians arrange the body surface, and then, they color coat and refinish the affected area. Before that, they must have studied the manufacturer’s information about label and painting mixtures. Then, they have to determine which spray techniques are appropriate and useful to fit perfectly the fabric specifications. Later, technicians must check on the color match and apply basecoat/clear coat for the panel blending. As simple as it may seem, paint/refinishing technicians face one of the most challenging jobs within the auto industry: each damaged car represents a unique problem to solve. Therefore, these technicians must keep continuous feedback about brand new waves and finishing methods from the industry.

Depending on the shop, apprentices and helpers begin assisting the most experienced technicians. Nevertheless, most of the time paint/refinishing technicians work by themselves with only general guidelines from supervisors. Appropriate courses and trainings for this job are usually given by automotive industries. Around one thousand educational institutions from different states offer Collision and Refinish Technology training programs. If you feel appealed by the above mentioned, do not have a doubt and fill out an application in the nearest automotive company. You will not regret it.

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